Adventures In Real Estate

Holiday-Proof-Your-Real-Estate-BusinessThere’s no reason for you waiting until next year to put your home on the market! As a matter of fact, you could be missing some great opportunities by waiting. Here are 11 reasons NOT to wait:

1. People who look for a home during the Holidays are more serious buyers!

2. Serious buyers have fewer houses to choose from during the Holidays and
less competition means more money for you!

3. Since the supply of listings will dramatically increase in January, there
will be less demand for your particular home! Less demand means less money
for you!

4. Houses show better when decorated for the Holidays!

5. Buyers are more emotional during the Holidays, so they are more likely to
pay your price!

6. Buyers have more time to look for a home during the Holidays than they do
during a working week!

7. Some people must buy before…

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