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Fall is the ideal time in Atlanta to check the seal of your home to protect it from water, heating inefficiencies and critters.

Seal with Caulk and Foam-Begin by inspectingyour house and look for cracks and places that need sealing or caulking, paying special attention to windows, doors, faucets and dryer vents.  Most cracks can be sealed with good quality exterior caul; larger openings will need to be filled with expandable foam.

corrugated pipe

Gutter Cleaning and Rainwater Flow-Once the leaves have fallen, clean out the gutters and check for any needed repairs. Observe the water flow during a hard rain. Look at where the downspout directs the water and make sure water doesn’t puddle near your foundation. Check the security of all downspouts’ connections to corrugated pipes that divert water away from your house. Get a professional! I use Clear Touch Maintenance (770-761- 8110) but there are many other companies…

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