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Know the location of the main water shut-off valve; it’s usually by the

water meter. Also know where additional shut-off valves are for your

water heater, water softener, clothes washer, dishwasher and all

kitchen and bathroom sinks. Test those shut-off valves once each

year to make sure they operate properly.


If you notice dripping water from any faucet or valve, have it repaired

immediately. This not only saves water but also insures the correct

operation of your water softener. If you hear a toilet “running” have it

repaired or replaced for the same reason.


Purchase plumbing fixtures and faucets from a plumbing contractor

who backs up the manufacturer’s warranty and provides his own

warranty for workmanship. The average life expectancy for a water

heater and water softener is 15 – 20 years The life expectancy for

a garbage disposer is 10 years.


In most locations your home…

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