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As winterhouse rain gives way to warmer weather and spring begins to bloom, heavy rain poses a threat to your home.    Water and moisture damage not only affects your home’s health, but your family’s as well.   Moisture creates the ideal breeding ground for mold growth, which can trigger allergic reactions and a host of other health problems.

Homes that aren’t properly protected from the elements are at risk of flooding and mold infestation, which can cost thousands of dollars to fix once the damage is done.

Since mold cannot grow without the presence of moisture, preventing mold from growing in the home starts with taking the proper steps to safeguard against water infiltration.

Watch these potential problem areas:

Roof:  The roof is the area that takes the Brunt of heavy rains, so it must be maintained properly to prevent leaks.  Air should be floRoofwing freely through the roof vents, which…

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